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Planning an outdoor event?

Our finest, formal canopies are solid white in color.  All formal canopies are delivered and set up by A Grand Occasion staff.  Seating is figured using banquet tables no room for anything else. Call us to do a certain layout using our CAD program.  Labor is included in the price.

Frame tents have an interior frame that holds them up.  They are normally used where stakes cannot be driven into the ground. (Such as driveways or when underground utilities come into play.)  They are all white in color.  All frame tents are delivered and set up by A Grand Occasion staff.  Labor is included in the price.

Experienced set up

Frame tents:

•   10x10......seats up to 16 people

•   15x15......seats up to 28 people

•   20x20......seats up to 50 people

•   20x30......seats up to 72 people

•   20x40......seats up to 96 people

•   20x60......seats up to 150 people

Formal canopies:

•   20x20 seats up to 48 people

•   20x30 seats up to 72 people 

•   20x40 seats up to 96 people

•   30x45 seats up to 130 people

•   30x60 seats up to 200 people

•   40x40 seats up to 175 people

•   40x60 seats up to 260 people

•   40x80 seats up to 350 people

•   40x100 seats up to 450 people

•   40x120 seats up to 500 people

•   40x140 seats up to 560 people

•   40x160 seats up to 640 people

•   40x180 seats up to 720 people


•   Solid sidewalls

•   Window sidewalls

•   Mesh sidewalls

•   Globe lights

•   4-Globe floor lamp

Home ornament

Do you need a tent or canopy?

*seating with banquet tables

*seating with banquet tables